To access your online class via WebEx, you need to retrieve the 10-digit session number from your Semestry timetable.

Copy and paste the below link into your Web browser (please do not use Internet Explorer as this is not supported by this application. Instead, use Chrome or Firefox):


Your username is your 8-digit student ID (starting 101 or 000).

Please contact Student Services if you do not have this.

Your password is student2qw (please do not change this).

Then click on Login

2. Once successfully logged in, the default is to show you the current week you are in, and you can navigate forward and back with the arrow at the top of the screen to amend the week

TIP: Another way to navigate a different week of the year is to click on the calendar option at the top right hand side of the screen. This will show you the week numbers for the year.

3. Once you have logged in to your timetable you will need to include WebEx as an option (you will need to do this only once as the selection will be stored for the next time you log in) To do this: click on the symbol circled below in the left hand corner of the screen

Then scroll down and make sure WebEx is ticked - Remember you will only need to do this once as the system will remember your selection

4. The 10 digit code for each session will now appear at the bottom of each of your timetable entries. You will need to find the day and time of the class you want to join to get the right WebEx code.

Very Important! Make a note of your WebEx 10 digit code (the one on your schedule and not the one shown above!) as you will need it to access your virtual classroom.

I can't see all of my sessions on my timetable - what can I do?

Underneath where you have selected WebEx, you can amend the start hour and the hours displayed to change the times shown on you timetable.