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  • Organisation ID: qahigher

  • Username: the email address used for enrollment

  • Password: please check your VLeBooks welcome email; normally - Qa followed by eight digits of your DOB, e.g. Qa26121994.

  • QAHE staff login

Read online


On VLeBooks, reading online (Read Online button) without downloading ebooks offers the best reading experience. Here, you can use the bookmarking, highlighting, copying and accessibility options. To save pages to your PC, use the Print option, then choose PDF. Online Reader guide (PDF)

Android devices

Use a Chrome browser or any other browser of your choice. Tablet screens offer the best reading experience on VLeBooks.

Safari browser (iOS, MacOS).

To use a Safari browser for reading VLeBooks online on iPhone and iPads, go to Setting , scroll down to Safari and open the menu; scroll down to Block Pop-ups and disable it.

Alternatively, install a Chrome browser. Tablet screens offer the best reading experience.

If a Safari browser on a Mac PC blocks pop-up windows necessary for reading ebooks online, go to Safari in the browser menu - Preferences - Websites, then allow pop-up windows.


Reading VLeBooks ebooks online (Read Online button) is the easiest option and offers the best reading experience.

If you want to read ebooks offline, you can download most of them for one or more days.

Tablets and phones running Android and iOS are suitable for ebook downloads. Classic Kindles are not compatible with VLeBooks.

  1. Create a free Adobe ID (use any search engine to find it).

  2. Download a free Adobe Digital Editions app.

  3. Authorize your account with the Adobe ID.

  4. Using a browser (Safari, Chrome or others) and log into your VLeBooks account, find the book you want and select Download.

In Android devices, the file will be imported to the relevant app automatically.

In a Safari browser, the file will be saved in the Downloads folder first (right top corner of the screen). Open the folder to see the ebook file and then click on the export icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select MoreAdobe Digital Editions.

How to download an ebook to PC or Mac

How to download an ebook to an Apple device

VLeBooks v. Kortext

These are two different ebook platforms. Some ebooks are provided to you on VLeBooks and others on Kortext.

On VLeBooks, you can:

  • read online ebooks (Read Online button) as if you were in a library; this option gives you the best VLeBooks reading experience, incl. highlighting and notes which will stay on your VLeBooks account indefinitely;

  • download ebooks (Download button) for a certain period as if borrowing them from a library. However, ebooks and all the notes/highlighting disappear from your device once the loan period is over.

On Kortext - ebooks are kept indefinitely.

If you have a Kortext app on your device, the downloaded VLeBooks will open in this app. They will disappear after the loan period is over. No highlights or notes are saved. You can download the same ebook again or extend its loan period and re-download the ebook file.

For reading downloaded VLeBooks ebooks, other apps can be used as well (Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire).

More about VLeBooks downloads and reading VLeBooks ebooks online


A session expired and you can't access the same ebook again

Usually, this means VLeBooks assumed you finished using the book on that occasion and made your copy available to other users. Log out from VLeBooks and log in again. You should be able to access the same ebook again.

Further help

For help, please contact the Library.

See also web guides and video guides.