Reading lists

QAHE Library

University Library

  • University ebooks are accessed via the university's library catalogue.

  • Click here to view a short video outlining how to access university ebooks.

  • When using this site, search results will include both ebooks and printed books located in Ulster. Refine your search to ebooks only.

  • University credentials are required to access ebooks (B00 number, university email address and Blackboard password).

Google Books

  • Google Books is open access, meaning login details are not required.

  • Millions of scanned books, but usually only partial copies.

  • Some books are more appropriate for academic study than others, therefore check:

  1. Who are the authors: are they researchers or university tutors or experienced professionals/practitioners? Does the book have endorsements from other researchers?

  2. For whom it is written: various books are written for different audiences, e.g. general public, undergraduate or postgraduate students, and specialists in a particular subject.

  3. Who is the publisher: have they published other academic titles? If the publisher is obscure or unknown to you, check again for reputable author and endorsements.

  4. When was the book published: some titles in Google Books are not the latest editions.