VLeBooks Accessibility Tools

Edit Accessibility Settings

This feature enables you to set your preferences for the platform e.g. font and contrast. The options are applied permanently or until you make a change. 

Access the feature via the ‘Edit Accessibility Settings’ tab under the ‘Home’ area of the platform.


VLebooks ReadAloud functionality allows your computer or mobile device to read the text to you as audio. 

Select the speaker icon in the navigation bar to open the feature

By clicking on the 3 dots, you can download audio from the selected page


The online reader allows for 5 different zoom levels in addition to the browser's standard zoom functionality. 

The platform provides 20-plus levels of magnification!

Colours & Contrasts

When using ‘Read Online’ you can change the background colour to suit your requirements. Select ‘read online’ and access the colour wheel in the top right-hand corner of the screen. To amend contrast you will need a browser plugin such as ‘High Contrast’ on Chrome.

The background colour can be set to 8 different shades to aid dyslexic users.