RNIB Bookshare

       Watch this video on how to find books.

If you select 'Read Now', you can use the 'Settings' cog on the top right corner to customise the audio, text, page and colour.

The 'Quick Set' tab contains the most commonly used settings.

In the 'Audio' tab, you can select the 'Voice' and listen through different voices. You can also select the 'Audio Speed' to listen faster or slower. You can choose the 'Voicing Options' to voice page numbers and image descriptions.

In the 'Text' tab, you can select the text size and the font style; the most accessible fonts are Comic Sans, Atkinson Hyperlegible and Open Dyslexic. Experiment with different fonts to choose the most appropriate for you. You can also select the character spacing.

In the 'Page' tab, you can select the display format, change the margins and line spacing, and display the page numbers.

In the 'Color' tab, you can select preset colours or customise your own by selecting the background and text colours, and the word and sentence highlight colours.

Add extensions to your browser to be used on RNIB Bookshare, such as the Read Aloud extension, a text to speech voice reader or the BeeLine extension, a reader that adds colour gradients to digital text to improve reading ability and focus. It is up to you to find what works for you.

If you select 'Download', choose the format you wish to download.

Book formats

PDF - the book record title (where possible) will state '(PDF)' at the end of it and is only downloadable as a PDF.

EPUB - the book record title will not have anything at the end of it and it can be downloaded in the following formats:

• DAISY with images

• DAISY text only

• Audio (DAISY or MP3)



• Word

Find more information on book formats.

• Confirm the download.

• Selecting 'Available' opens the file.

Watch this video on how to download books.