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Textbooks are the starting point for researching new topics or subject areas.

Reading lists give an idea of relevant textbooks.

Library catalogues show what else is available:

Trade publications

Trade publications are a valuable source of practitioners' experience and knowledge. They are different to scholarly publications. Some are available on open access: use Google or similar. For some paid-for publications, use the Business Source Complete database. After searching, limit the results with the Source Types filter.

Market data and research

Subject guides to understand what research resources are of use to you.

A-Z list of e-resources

Market research, data and statistics are often published (by governments, NGOs etc.) on open access - use Google or similar; see also Open access.

A lot of market research is behind a paywall. There is no single aggregator or tool to search for all market research. Use each electronic resource one by one, depending on your objectives.

Scholarly publications

Academic research is published in scholarly (or peer-reviewed) journals, conference papers and monographs. The most commonly used search tool for academic research is Google Scholar. To see London Metropolitan subscriptions (alongside open-access content): go to Settings - Library links - search for London Metropolitan - tick two boxes for the London Metropolitan University-Hendon - Save.

Library tutorial

Perfect your skills and learn how to utilise resources with these guides:

Library matters: A resource that will help you to learn how to find and use information for your studies and assessments

Evaluating & referencing resources

Is the resource I found suitable to use for study? See the Evaluating Sources guide.

For help with referencing, see Referencing.

Online research resources

Textbook session

Textbook search, edition, book cover

Title page, introductive summary


Chapters, conclusion

Access to Weblearn

QAHE Library cannot supply you with your Weblearn access or University email address. It is the London Metropolitan University administration team that supplies them to you.

You will be able to use your University-provided MS Office 365 licence once you have your Weblearn/University email logins. You will need them to activate it. You can find more information at:

Log into the London Metropolitan University library account

Type in the username and password you use to access Weblearn in order to access your library account. If the password does not work, please change it by using this link: Try changing your password and logging in again. It might take some time for the password to reset on the system.

Visiting the London Metropolitan libraries

If you wish to use one of the London Metropolitan libraries for study, please arrive between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm on your first visit to ensure that the Reception staff is available. You will be issued with a Visitor pass which has a duration of 2 to 3 weeks.