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Textbooks are often the best starting point for researching new topics or subject areas. See Textbooks for more.

Library catalogues showing which textbooks are available. For help accessing ebooks, see Finding ebooks.

Trade publications

Trade publications are a valuable source of practitioners' experience and knowledge. They are different to scholarly publications which contain academic research.

For subscription publications, use USearch. After searching, narrow down the results with the Source Types filter.

Some trade publications are available on open access, you can find them via Google.

Market data and research

Market research and statistics are published in subscription sources called databases. For a list of your available databases, see

Market research and statistics are sometimes published on open access, you can find them via Google. For help, see Open access and Business statistics guides.

Scholarly publications

Academic research is published in scholarly journals and conference papers, which are accessed via databases. For help see Databases explained.

Use USearch to search for scholarly publications.

These are sometimes available on open access. You can find them via Google Scholar.

Library session

Perfect your skills and learn how to utilise resources with these practice research tasks:

Business programmes (including marketing and accounting)

Computing programmes

Referencing | Evaluating sources

For help with referencing, see:

For help with resource evaluation and identifying whether a source is suitable to use, see Evaluating Sources.

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